Egresso's Profile

In the profile of the egress should be highlighted, with emphasis, the competencies that favor their employability and their successful professional career, in the milestones of the performance compatible with the postgraduate training in economics. The skills of analysis, discussion, elaboration, proposition and technical operationalization, as graduate economist, should compose the professional profile of the egress.
In this sense, the skills expected from the egress must correspond to the sufficient conditions for their activities as a teacher and/or researcher, or a highly specialized technical framework. Therefore, the graduates, in their professional occupations, must have skills to analyze and formulate propositions consistent with the expected attributes of the Economist with the title of Master or doctor. This type of professional, coming from the PPGE, should have sufficient preparation for adaptation, mobility and performance, considering the local and regional characteristics, given the significant limitations and inequalities in the structure of the economy and the conditions In Bahia and the northeast.
Based on the survey of information from graduates who completed the graduate program in economics at the Federal University of Bahia (PPGE/UFBA), following statistics and profiles are found.
The graduates of the year 2017, of a total of 21 titles, being 20 of the master's and 1 of the doctorate, such that six, 29%, and fifteen, 71%, have and have no employment bond, respectively.
Among the titles with employment bonds, there is a fair distribution, with 50% in activities of private companies and other 50% in public or state enterprises; of which 67% work in teaching and research activities and participate in continuing education, all of which are working in the area of economics; Computing the remaining 33% working in other areas.
The non-employment bonds that correspond to 15 titles, presented with a distribution in which eight have as expectation of professional performance in teaching and research activities, besides two more titles in which it considers beyond teaching and research to Hypothesis of acting in research, in business activity and of autonomous professional. The remaining three choose as an expectation to act in a company, research or autonomous professional. The doctoral degree is already working in the post-doctoral program of CAPES in the PPGE/UFBA.
In view of this scenario, the profile of graduates referring to 2017 titles is that most of them conceive expectations of performance in teaching and research activities, generating the formation of academics that reflects the stricto sensu nature of the program of Post-graduation in economics.