General Objective

To form, as a general objective, professors, researchers and technical frameworks in economics.

Specific Objectives

  • Promote and develop research projects and application of policies and technologies in areas of interest of economy.
  • Contribute to strengthening of undergraduate course in economics of UFBA.
  • Generate, through the production of knowledge, interdisciplinary impacts and synergies with the various areas of social sciences.
  • To contribute to articulation between, on the one hand, the teaching and research process and, on the other, the formation of vision on socioeconomic development, through interactions of PPGE with public and private institutions and organizations.
To comply with general and specific objectives listed above, the program has a compatible curriculum structure (see Curricular proposal) and develops the necessary activities. Thus, the Master's task is to offer to graduate students the acquisition of knowledge in basic theory and areas of specialization, including giving the student conditions for his initiation in career of researcher. The doctoral course, initiated in 2014, is to offer holders of master titles the deepening of their knowledge of general theory and specific preparation in areas of concentration in economics. With the doctorate is offered opportunity for qualitative advancement of students in their careers as faculty and/or researcher and technicians of high qualification in economics.