The Faculty of Economics has two computer laboratories, one of which is exclusive, with 12 computers, for graduate studies, and another, with 60 computers, for undergraduate students, which can be shared by students of graduation programs, which are equipped with first-order software and are interconnected in network, with direct access to the Internet.  These laboratories have contributed to the individual research of the students, the preparation of their texts, works and dissertations.  In addition, it has allowed some disciplines, mainly econometrics and quantitative methods, to be ministed there, providing a multiplication of academic benefits.

Computer Resources

All teachers have personal computers and printers in their work rooms. These resources are interconnected by fiber-optic network with the Internet. They are also connected to an internal network that allows file and program sharing. In the year 2006, following the guidance of CAPES to transform the Home Pages of graduate programs into instruments of dissemination and interactivity aimed at improving the visibility of the program, improvements were made in this direction. Therefore, the PPGE website has been modified with the introduction of information related to the program structure, curriculum, disciplines, programmatic content and bibliography, etc. In addition, curricula of teachers with references to the main production of professors were introduced.
As mentioned above, the graduate program in Economics provides, in terms of computer resources, essential equipment for the introduction of multimedia elements in the classroom, which allow to increase the quality of teaching and the interactivity of Knowledge. The classrooms are air conditioned and adapted for ministration with whiteboard and use of multimedia elements, which allows different academic activities to be taught with greater comfort for teachers and students.


The Library of the Faculty of Economics of UFBA is located in a physical area of 466.82 m2 and has an updated system of consultation, lending and security of the collection. The library is equipped with a refrigeration system and has computer devices that allow the digitization of publications that are part of the library's collection. This collection consists of 45,397 books, theses and dissertations (can be consulted by title, author and subject on the page), organized according to the Dewey Decimal classification (CDD) and the Cutter table. In addition to these publications, the library has an important section of journals with 251 titles, being 183 nationals and 68 foreigners. The library's collection also includes a video library consisting of 120 multimedia items. Users also have access to bibliographic switching and bibliographic standardization services. 
Besides the library of the Faculty of Economics there is also the Central library rector Macedo Costa of UFBA that focuses on the area of social sciences and humanities and can be accessed by doctoral students, including by virtual consultation. The following services are available in the library:
1) Home loans;
2) training to national and international databases
3) Local consultation for the internal and external community of UFBA
4) Standardization of academic work TCCs and dissertations)
5) COMUT-Bibliographic switching program. This program locates and obtains copies of articles from journals or other documents at national and international level. COMUT represents an important alternative in bibliographic research activities, especially in obtaining references not available in the usual databases.
The journal Portal, from the coordination for the improvement of higher education personnel (CAPES/MEC), is one of the largest in the world and the only offered by the Government for graduate research. It is available for more than 1 million students in 152 universities and research institutes with graduate programs recommended by MEC. Created in 2000, it has more than 31000 titles in several areas of knowledge, 130 referential bases and 10 patents. The journals, made available in real time by the CAPES Portal, represent almost all of the titles indispensable for the bibliographic research of works with proven application in production processes, offering a significant source of Research in the most diverse branches of technology.
The library system of UFBA, through the Central library, has been making available the ProQuest5000 database, which is accessed by the CAPES journals Portal. This database comprises a collection of journals with full texts, with an emphasis on the areas of administration, accounting and economics, made available with the ABI Inform Global base. Content tables and summaries of other publications not signed by CAPES are also available. In these cases, the full texts of the articles can be obtained online, by payment to the publisher, or through bibliographic switching programs, such as COMUT, which locates documents in Brazil and abroad and provides the requested copies.
The public domain Portal (PDP), inaugurated in November 2004, has more than 5000 literary works, music, photographs, videos and paintings by national and international authors. The user has the option to copy the texts and print them.  Public bodies and libraries can provide content, especially public domain works whose authors have died more than 70 years ago. Contemporary writers may also authorise the publication of their works. Registration is done in the (PDP).

Other information

The financial resources employed for the maintenance and improvement are from the PROAP and the budget of the Faculty of Economics, and participation in notices sponsored by agencies to promote teaching and research, including FINEP. It has also been obtained resources for research, passages for participation in national and international congresses, scholarships for students, together with several other institutions to promote scientific research, such as FAPESB, and institutions International.