Over the course of its more than 40 years of existence, the master's degree in economics (CME) played an important role in formation of Masters in Economics by UFBA. Today, the master's degree in economics is part of graduate program in economics-PPGE/UFBA, which also integrates doctoral course in economics (CDE), approved by CAPES at the end of 2013, with first class started in first semester of 2014. In this way, the master's degree in economics by integrating graduate program in Economics (PPGE), followed a small curriculum reform, by composing a unified graduation program.
In the light of academic history consolidated at level of the master's course for more than 40 years, contributing to academic and professional training of teachers ' teaching and research in economics and related Agereas, is expressed relevance of  graduate studies program for scientific, technical development of this important area of knowledge in state of Bahia and especially in Northeast region. The Masters and doctoral courses in economics are, therefore, also responsible for formation of numerous functional frameworks of public and private organizations, national and international, since part of graduates of the program has assumed countless Relevant functions in private companies and public administration, in municipal, state, federal and even international levels.
Since 2009, the management of PPGE/UFBA (formerly called CME, because it contains only master in economics) has pursued the improvement of institutional and regulatory requirements of CAPES and CNPQ, in order to ensure greater dynamics and quality in structure Scientific and Acadèmica. At this stage of the quadrennial evaluation required by CAPES, the program has been giving great importance to continuity of efforts of institutional strengthening and consolidation of the measures implemented in previous years in order to improve increasingly the Competitiveness and evaluation in education and research areas. The faculty expands each year, adding greater density to the titration, thus contributing to improvement and elevation of the quality standard of scientific production and supply of disciplines, whose contents reflect the main trends of the state of Art in this important area of knowledge.