Integration with Undergraduation

The students of the CME/UFBA have as mandatory activity the development, during one semester, of activities along the undergraduate course in the form of the teaching staff or teaching internship. This is a teaching activity with undergraduate students under the guidance of the professors of the PPGE in the disciplines that they teach in undergraduate courses. This provides the master-degree articulation, to time in which it contributes to formation of new professors of higher education in economics and allows training of master in development of his dissertation research.
In addition to this oriented teaching activity, the integration with graduation manifests itself in other ways, such as the orientation activities of monographic works of completion of course, which, to a good extent, are integrated into the research projects of Professors of the PPGE/UFBA; By conducting research and seminars of teachers ' research with the participation of undergraduate students in research projects of teachers of PPGE/UFBA. Thus, it is called attention to undergraduate scholarship students participating in the PIBIC scientific initiation programs and remain, under the guidance of a certain number of teachers of the PPGE; In addition, many teachers of the PPGE participate in the nucleus of conjunctural studies (NEC), becoming currently one of the main references of undergraduate students for insertion in the research activity. In this activity there is also the presence of graduate students, who perform activities of coordination of studies as scholarship holders. At NEC, a certain number of undergraduate and graduate students receive scholarships funded by the Superintendence of economic and Social Studies of Bahia (SEI-BA), linked to the state Government; And, finally, the participation of undergraduate students in publications with professors of the PPGE has also been possible.